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Luxury Hotels – A Class Apart

How does one define luxury? Luxury cannot be a necessity, if it was it would lose its charm of some thing that is not available commonly or to all for that matter. Luxury is something way beyond necessity or essentials; it is something that caters to the desirability thirst of the human being. This is precisely what luxury hotels fulfil- thirst and desire. They provide the guest with a relatively higher quality experience. Luxury hotels could be beach hotels, resort hotels or city hotels.

With the availability of surplus spendable income in the pockets of travelling public, the industry saw an explosion in the expectations of guests. The scenario provided a window of opportunity to exploit, as the people were willing to pay a premium for an exclusive and exciting product. This acted as a catalyst to the emergence of the concept of creating services and product beyond the expectations of a guest. Luxury hotels surfaced.

The industry saw chain as well as independent hotels create an exclusive niche product for this specific user segment and termed it as luxury hotels. To distinguish luxury hotels from the regular hotels, they were classified as five Star Deluxe Hotels or Luxury hotels.

While physically, the product remains almost the same as a five star hotel but it is qualitatively far more superior in product standards and style. The lobby is warm, rich and inviting with a touch of class, the elevators are well decorated in mahogany with rich inlaid Italian marble flooring. Floor corridors become more cosy and intimate and the hotels room- well, very plush with rich carpets, luxurious fabrics and high-end fixtures and furniture. The rooms are provided with TV’s, music, electronic do not disturb and clean my room signs etc to list a few.

The bathrooms also get a make over. Luxury hotels provide a minimum of 5-fixture bathrooms fitted with ultra high end and branded fittings and fixtures. Most bathrooms have the provision of a bathtub and enclosed shower cubicle. The floor is adorned with expensive granite or Italian marble and so are the walls. The bathroom also have a HDTV and speakers for music.

The super fine linen, on the bed and in the bathrooms, enhances the quality of comfort. Branded amenities are provided to reinforce hotels commitment to quality, winning guest’s appreciation and confidence.

Luxury hotels and resorts have at least one specialty cuisine fine dining restaurant in addition to an upscale coffee shop. The Bar is relaxing and soothing and generally have a club lounge atmosphere with finest labels on the shelf and in the cellar. The qualitative aspects are reflected in the service and presentation style of food and beverages. The attempt in a luxury hotel is to attain perfection with continuous improvement and evolution.

Staff of a luxury hotel is very well trained in not only their technical traits but also in the guest interactions. Courteousness, care and compassion are virtues that they practise and perfect. They are trained to address all guests by their names, making the interaction personal.

The emphasis in a luxury hotel is to ensure that the guest gets a real good and memorable experience of his stay in the hotel, something that will make him feel nostalgic. As we walk ahead, the definition of luxury keeps on changing, forcing industry to constantly redefine the term adding further luxuries to luxury.

Cheap Luxury Hotels – Tips on Saving Big on Your Upscale Hotels

Going away on a holiday or overseas business assignment? It is very important that you stay in accommodation with standards that meet your expectations. It is thus natural for travelers to crave a stay in luxury hotels which are perceived to provide the most relaxing and comfortable hotel experience, but many of them, especially those on a smaller budget, may be deterred from doing so due to supposedly exorbitant room rates. However, this is clearly a misconception as even budget travelers are able to afford a stay in luxury hotels. How can this be?

The ubiquitous presence of online hotel portals has made it much easier than ever before to rack up great savings on luxury accommodation, with just a bit of invested time and effort. This in effect makes experiencing both affordability and an ultimate pampering stay a reality. I shall now offer some guidance in how to secure fantastic deals for cheap luxury hotels.

Before you make a decision to stay in a luxury hotel and start to find discounted rates for it, do contemplate what you are trying to get from your hotel stay. Do you seek the most luxurious treatment from your hotel while you pamper yourself in a decadent setting? Or do you just crave for a good night’s rest before you set out on your business in your destination in the morning?

If you choose the former, then a stay in luxury accommodation would be suitable for you. You may also want to consider if you would be able to make full use of your luxury stay by enjoying the wide range of amenities and services on offer.

Searching for the most value for money deals for your luxury accommodation has gotten more efficient with the Internet. Many online travel agencies and luxury hotel chains operate hotel booking websites which readily offer you information about which luxury hotels can be found in your chosen location. You may also be able to find numerous deals on luxury accommodation to lure travelers but do bear in mind that these deals often vary from website to website, hence knowing where to find the most attractive deals is important.

Online travel agents are thus an ideal booking resource as they often manage to secure specially-negotiated rates which are among the most competitive online. You will also be able to compare the various luxury hotels in your chosen location using criteria such as rates, inclusions, services and facilities. This will assist you in making a wise decision in selecting the hotel which you feel will give you the most value for your budget.

Before you make your decision regarding which hotel to book, do also take into account the prices of the different room categories which typically vary to fit different tastes even within a luxury accommodation itself. You can thus get the best savings by going for the more reasonably-priced room categories. These rooms still offer amenities that are comparable if not more luxurious than the best rooms in cheaper hotels, while allowing you access to the numerous plush amenities and services of a luxury hotel.

Another way to save big on cheap luxury hotels is to have flexible travel plans. By being able to check-in on more than one date, you will be able to make rate comparisons among these different dates by keying in different check-in dates on the booking website. Also, book your lower category room well in advance if you are staying there during a popular travel period such as Christmas as these cheaper rooms typically sell out fast.

5 Best Luxury Hotels in Bristol

Luxurious Marriott Hotel in Bristol

Marriott Hotels around the world offer luxury accommodation to all guests and the Bristol hotel does just that. Perched in Bristol city centre next to the impressive Cabot Circus shopping mall. All guest rooms in the luxurious Marriott hotel in Bristol offer all guests a dedicated work area that includes high speed internet. The comfortable beds include luxury designer bedding pillows and duvets. As standard in luxury hotels the Marriott consists of top of the range health fitness and spa facilities. The top dining place at the Bristol Marriott hotel is the Terrace Grill. Priding themselves on succulent menus prepared from local seasonal produce.

Westfield Luxury Guest House

Westfield house is not as well known in the hotel industry as it is a small and friendly family run establishment. This luxury hotel is an old mansion and is only a 10 minute drive from Bristol centre on the North West side of the city. City Centre Hotels can offer luxurious accommodation but come with the hustle and bustle that city centre hotels bring. This is a well run luxurious hidden gem. Well renowned for its superb international cuisines and its rigorous Les Routiers criteria certification. A hard to come by luxury hotel in Bristol that is still a hidden gem.

Carpenters Arms Guest House Hotel

Another hidden gem that can be found on the outskirts of Bristol and bath. The guest house offers 4 star luxury accommodation and is ideally located for exploring the surrounding country side of Chew Valley. relax in the traditional bar with ice cold refreshments. The chef serves al fresco dining. Take in the beautiful country side whilst sipping a drink in the scenic patio area. In cold days the log fire burns to keep guests warm. The guest rooms at the Carpenters Arms are beautifully decorated in a contemporary fashion. Another luxurious hidden gem in a luxurious settlement.

Hotel Du Vin in Bristol

Du Vin Hotels are somewhat different from most city centre hotels making them unique. Du Vin Hotels in Bristol as well as Du Vin Hotels all over the world offer guests luxury accommodation without the fuss and frills of most luxury hotels. Once the most important destination for all sugar being imported to the united kingdom the old sugar house is now a luxury warehouse style hotel that is located in Bristols prime commercial district.

Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Bristol

Located a five minute walk from Temple Meads Train Station in Bristol is the luxury 4 star Ramada Jarvis Hotel. One of the hotels top features is the stunning restaurant that is now housed in the old 17th century glass blown kiln. The lounge area offers guests free wifi sky sports you can also order snacks and refreshments from the very professional and friendly staff. 24 hour room service is available when requested. All en suite accommodation at the luxury hotel is superbly done making guests feel comfortable and relaxed in contemporary surroundings.